• Introduction to visualiztion
  • Tableau Overview
  • Installation

Tableau Basics

  • Buisness Challenge
  • Connecting tableau to data file – CSV File
  • Navigating tableau
  • Creating calculated fields
  • Adding colors
  • Adding Labels and formatting
  • Exporting your worksheet
  • Get the Viz

Time series, Aggregation and Filters

  • Introduction to Aggregation and time series
  • Working with data extracts in tableau
  • Working with time series
  • Understanding Aggregation, Granularity and Level of detail
  • Creating an Area chart & learning about highlighting
  • Adding a filter and Quick filter

Maps, scatterplots, Your first dashboard

  • Section Introduction
  • Joining data in Tableau
  • Creating a map, working with hierarchies
  • Creating a scatterplot, applying filters to multiple worksheet
  • Let’s create our first dashboard
  • Adding an interactive action- filter
  • Adding an interactive action- highlighting

Joining and blending data, PLUS dual axis chart

  • Section Introduction
  • Joins basics
  • Joins with duplicate values
  • Joininig on multiple fields
  • The showdown: Joining data vs Blending data in tableau
  • Data blending in tableau Creating calculated fields in blend
  • Section Recap

Table calculation, Advanced dashboard, story-telling

  • Section Introduction
  • Downloading the data and connecting to tableau
  • Mapping- How to set geographical role
  • Creating table calculation for Gender
  • Creating bins and distribution for age
  • Leveraging the power of parameters
  • How to create tree map chart
  • Creating customer segmentation dashboard advanced dashboard interactivity
  • Analysing the customer segmentation dashboard
  • Creating a storyline

Advanced data preperation

  • Section Introduction
  • What format your data should be in Data interprter
  • Pivot
  • Splitting a column into multiple Columns
  • Metadata grid
  • Fixing Geographical errors in tableau

What’s new in tableau 10

  • Section Introduction
  • The challenges: Startup expansion analysis
  • Custom terorities via Groups
  • Custom terorities via Greographical roles
  • Adding a highlighter
  • Clustering in Tableau
  • Cross database joins
  • Modelling with clusters
  • Saving your clusters
  • New Design features
  • New Mobile features

Group and sets

  • Section Introduction
  • Project brief: 1000 startup
  • Working with group
  • Creating a static set
  • Creating a dynamic set
  • Combining sets
  • Controlling sets with parameters
  • Dashboard: The startup Quarant
  • Dashboard tricks

Advanced table calculation

  • Section Introduction
  • Project brief: Coal terminal utilization analysis
  • Creating multiple joins in tableau
  • Calculated fields Vs table calculation
  • Creating advanced table calculation
  • Saving a quick table calculation
  • Specying direction of computation
  • Writing your own table calculation
  • Adding a second layer moving average
  • Quality assurance for table calculation
  • Trendline for power – insights
  • Creating a storyline
  • Exclusive report is ready

Advanced data preperation and analytics in tableau

  • Section Introduction
  • Project Brief: Retail sector forecasts
  • Building box plots in tableau
  • Analysing box plots
  • Working with large data source
  • Pivot and split
  • What does real retail world look like
  • Primary use case for data source filters
  • Trendlines Data prep excercise
  • Advanced timeseries blending
  • Calculating sales per capita
  • Forecasting in tableau
  • How to present a storyline

Creating Animation in tableau

  • Section Introduction
  • Project brief: World health trends
  • Editing blending relationships
  • Building visualiztion
  • Adding animation
  • Manulay sorting blending data
  • Leaving trial in your animated data
  • Finalizing your dashoard

Level of detail Calculation (LOD)

  • Section Introduction
  • Project brief: Reginal profit analysis
  • Preparing the workbook
  • Aggregation and granularity (Refresher)
  • LOD calculation Intuition
  • LOD Type1: Include
  • Understanding ATTR in tableau
  • LOD Type2: exclude (PART 1)
  • LOD Type2: exclude (PART 2)
  • Multiple fields in LOD Calculation
  • LOD Type 3: FIXED
  • Finalizing the visualisation